Ali El Saleh


Aspiring Video Game Developer

Hello! My name is Ali El Saleh. Playing video games and programming video games is my PASSION! I have been programming since I was 15 and enjoying video games for a very long time (the PS1 days). I currently study at AIE (Academy of Interactive Entertainment) at the Sydney Campus. I am studying the Diploma/Advanced Diploma of Game Programming, a 2 year degree which specialises in Game Development & Programming in C++/C#. You can check me out on GitHub or you can view my resume by clicking the link below. Click on any of the tabs to see the work that I've done.

Projects I'm Currently Working On:

Nothing at the moment, school work and assignments. ( Second year at AIE.)

Resume: Click here to view

Realistic Drawings

Realistic Eye




A drawing of a mango moments before I ate it off the tree. It was heavenly  





A drawing of an avocado tree


A drawing of me holding a cherimoya



A close-up drawing of a parakeet 


Spyro, Cynder and Sparx

Spyro, Cynder and Sparx Fan Art 


Bulls and Cows

Bulls and Cows is a word guessing game. The objective of the game is to guess the 6 letter isogram (a word without repeating letters), and you only have fifteen tries/guesses. If you guess the correct letter in the correct position, it's a Bull. If you guess the correct letter but in the wrong position it's a Cow. Simple but not easy :P. Good Luck!


The Music Box

The Music Box is a music box. Simple, huh? It just makes beep sounds at different frequencies and duration. The user can change the frequency of each note. There are two modes: an editor mode(where you can edit the individual notes) and a player mode(where you can listen to your masterpiece!).


Game Projects

Cosmic Hell


5329 Goblins


A run and gun shooter in an alternate world war 2 universe. The player has a variety of weapons and environmental weapons to reach the ultimate goal of escaping and slaying the goblins. Built using Unreal Engine 4.18 with C++.

Cipher Encryptor

This is a C# Winforms application where you choose a cipher method to encrypt your message with and outputs the encrypted message. You can open/drag n' drop a text file into the app to read the contents of the text file and you can also save the encrypted message to a text file.

This tool includes:

  • Caesar Shift

  • ROT1

  • Transposition Cipher

Coming soon:

  • A1Z26 Cipher

  • Vigenère Cipher

  • RSA Cipher

  • Polybius Cipher

Download Cipher Encryptor


2D Physics Engine

A basic 2D physics engine with AABB, OBB, Circle and Line collisions using AIE's bootstrap framework developed from scratch. I've re-created Pachinko using my physics engine that you can play for yourself. This physics engine was hard to develop, since I didn't know where to start. I'm really proud of the result. And I'm sure you can find some bugs. You can view the source code on GitHub.