Cosmic Hell

A bullet hell game that implements flocking behaviour. Written in C/C++ using Raylib.

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Cosmic Hell is a bullet-hell shooter that implements flocking, shoot and dodge your way through the enemy's bullets in space with an epic synthwave background music composed by Carpenter Brut. This game is written in C++ using the Raylib library. Also the art is created by me.

You play as an augmented human cyborg flying through the cosmos, encountering, defeating the archons and their race. Different types of flying (flocking) enemies will accompany the archon to aid their mission in destroying you. When in trouble you will be able to use a bomb to clear every bullet that has been fired by the enemy. Are you up for the challenge?


Cosmic Hell Gameplay screenshot 1

Cosmic Hell Gameplay screenshot 2

Cosmic Hell Gameplay screenshot 3

Cosmic Hell Gameplay screenshot 4

Cosmic Hell Gameplay screenshot 5


If you can beat the game without taking a hit (aka a flawless run), email me (which is found at the "About Me" tab) with a screenshot of your stats or a video of you doing the flawless run, because I have a special reward for you. Good luck out there, it's bloody difficult!