Flocking Behaviour System Plugin for UE4.20+

Flocking Behaviour System is a tool to quickly and easily add multiple flocks of entities into a scene to simulate the flocking behaviour.

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A guide on how to use this plugin

Once you've installed the Flocking Behaviour System plugin into the engine, and you've enabled it, we can begin using this in your project.

Let's start by adding a flock actor into the scene. Go to the modes tab, and search for 'flock', then drag it into the scene, like this.

Dragging Flock actor into scene

Go ahead and press play! They will start to flock!

Flocking Demo

Let's change the settings around! We have 3 categories of settings, 'Boid settings', 'Spawn Settings' and 'Flock Settings'.

Flock properties

Boid Settings is where we can customize each boid's attribute, like the mesh, the size, the rotation, movement and perception radius. Also, the limits of how far the boid can wander off.

Spawn Settings is where we can specify the spawn parameters, like the amount of boids we want spawn in this flock and the spawning radius. This is the area that the boids will get randomly placed in, on Begin Play.

Flock Settings is where we can customize each behaviour rule to give a different flocking result. We can randomize all the forces on Begin Play to see drastically different behaviours. Alternatively, you can edit each force to your liking. Changing each force will affect flocking. We can also enable goal seeking for this particular flock and choose a goal actor in the scene to move towards. We'll set up goal seeking later.

We can increase each boids' perception radius so they can easily see each other and flock together more easily

Perception Radius: 1000  (Highest setting)

Perception Radius: 100  (Lowest setting)

We can change the mesh of the boid to give a different look, for example, fish!


The number of boids that can spawn can be changed, the max boids per flock is 400.

The spawn radius is the radius in which the boids will randomly be placed in when spawning.

Small spawn radius: 500

Large spawn radius: 2000

Next, the flocking settings. We can choose to randomize all forces on begin play or tweak the forces ourselves. Below are some examples.

Alignment: 2, Cohesion: 1, Separation: 5 (strong separation)

Alignment: 1, Cohesion: 3, Separation: 2 (strong cohesion)

Alignment: 8, Cohesion: 4, Separation: 9 (strong alignment and separation)

Multiple flocks

I need help!

If you are still having any trouble getting this plugin to work, feel free to contact me at elsaleh78@gmail.com and report what the issue is.